What our Participants are Saying……


To ALL  2015 Participant Athletes
for making 2015 our BEST Race Ever! 


Here is what some of our athletes have to say about the City of Lakes Triathlon: 
Thanks for a fun race! ~~ Merle S. 
Thanks so much!  That was really fun. ~~ Christina T. 
Thanks, Andie. Beautiful race, great people. Many thanks to the bike guy who changed my tube pre-race when I was almost in a panic. I will definitely be back. ~~Angela G.
Thanks for a great race. Enjoyed riding through that part of Santa Rosa on the bike portion  Thanks again for a great race and look forward to next year.  ~~Keith H.
I think y’all did a great job …it was better than ever with the newly designed transition area .  It really is my favorite course, especially the lake swim.  Thanks again! ~~Jeri G.
Great race. Thank you Andie. This was my first tri and it’s got me hooked. ~~ Susan B. 
Thank you and your team, and the sponsors, for another great event!  I’ll be there next year!  ~~Ann P.


A look back at the 2015 event

Pre-race & Swim164 Pre-race & Swim187

Pre-race & Swim147
Out of the water and on to the bike…..
A Run to the Finish Line
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_7009611 copy


A few of our 2015 Place Winners
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_7009532 copy

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